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Have you wanted to learn to read and write Chinese? Try Whizz Learning and we can help you start your journey of reading and writing Chinese as quickly and painlessly as possible!

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    Learn Chinese the easy way

    The biggest issue with learning to read and write Chinese is that memorizing all of the characters is time consuming, difficult and frustrating. Its like memorizing thousands of pictures that you then need to be redrawn by hand. By breaking the Chinese characters into symbols that are easier to remember you can learn to read and write quickly and painlessly. Its based on a technique created by a neurolinguist at Hong Kong University.

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    Spend less time memorizing

    First, we help you learn characters in the order that decreases anxiety and frustration, but are important. After you have learned the characters, we help you focus on characters that you are about to forget.

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    Study anywhere, anytime

    The app goes where you go and you can study whenever you have a few minutes to spare: waiting for a bus, standing in line, waiting for an ATM and more. We offer a way to study one of the most challenging written languages and make it easy, like snacking. Smart snacking.